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With over eight years in research and development, the BayFilter™ is the most efficient, effective, economical, and easy-to-use stormwater treatment filter on the market today. The StreamFilter® system utilizes a single or double BayFilter cartridge design to satisfy treatment flow requirements of up to 45 GPM for a single location.

Utilizing steel catch basin structures, an easy-to-handle cartridge design, a proven mixed media filter, and a proprietary spiral wrapped layered construction; StreamFilter® removes very fine sediment and nutrient pollutants. The vertically spiraled layered design maximizes flow rates and filter media area for the most effective storm water treatment, while up-flow filtration allows for BayFilter’s unique hydrodynamic backwash cleansing process. This process dislodges pollutants and restores the porosity of the mixed media filter. Dedicated drain-down devices assure there is no unwanted standing water between storm events. With its proven performance and cost effective design the StreamFilter® system is the ideal solution for decentralized stormwater filtration.


  • Provides a low drop stormwater treatment option
  • High flow bypass
  • Grate inlet
  • Can be fitted with an inlet pipe
  • Delivers complete and installs like a standard catch basin
  • No confined space entry required for maintenance


  • Treats sheet flow in small areas
  • Treats high flows with small footprint
  • Up to 22.5 GPM with a single cartridge unit
  • Up to 45 GPM with a double cartridge unit
  • Cost Effective Stormwater Filtration