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Bend-A-Drain Product Shot

Bend-A-Drain expandable pipe is unique as it can be used in a number of applications throughout the yard. Bend-A-Drain offers the option of expanding the pipe lengthwise and unlimited angular adjustments, which will lock and remain in place once positioned. Bend-A-Drain can be installed quickly and efficiently with less cuts and fewer fittings.


  • Downspout Drainage (above ground and below ground application)
  • Low Spot Drainage
  • French Drain

Features & Benefits:

  • A bendable, expandable drain pipe system that is easy to use and makes drainage projects simple
  • Available in 12' and 25' lengths
  • 100% compatible with ADS 4" corrugated pipe and fittings
  • Bendable and expandable to avoid obstacles in landscape and yard
  • Structurally sound above ground or in buried conditions
  • Compacted packaging for ease of storage and transportation to job site

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