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The Barracuda S4 is a market–changing stormwater quality technology. This high performance vortex hydrodynamic separator is designed to remove total suspended solids in order to protect our precious receiving waters. The Barracuda is also an outstanding value that offers multiple pipe configurations, and quick installation.


  • Single manhole design
  • No elevation loss between the inlet and outlet
  • Flexible inlet/outlet positions (not just 180 degree orientation)
  • Internal bypass for inline installation (where applicable)
  • Revolutionary, patent pending "teeth" mitigate turbulence in the sump area to prevent resuspension of captured contaminants.


Internal components are in stock for quick delivery. The S4 can be provided within a 48" ADS HP Manhole, to be factory fabricated and delivered complete to the jobsite.

The S4 can also be installed in a standard 48" precast manhole. The Barracuda "teeth" apparatus is fabricated and designed for quick and easy field assembly.

Designed for easy maintenance using a vacuum truck or similar equipment. Inspection and maintenance are performed from the surface with no confined space entry.