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ADS Expandable Downspout Adapter

ADS Expandable Downspout Adapter Product Shot

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. introduces the ADS Expandable Downspout Adapter, which will help direct rainwater away from your home. The Expandable Downspout Adapter is adjustable to be able to angle around landscaping or can be easily bent and moved for mowing.

Features & Benefits:

  • 8" (215 mm) compressed length expands to 16" long when extended
  • Bends to a 90 angle
  • Can be used on new construction or a retro fit
  • Available in 2" 3" (50 mm 75 mm) or 3" 4" (75 mm 100 mm)
  • Fits 3" (75 mm) and 4" (100 mm) corrugated ADS HDPE pipe, ADS 3000 TripleWall pipe, 27/29 S&D pipe, SDR 35 and SCH 40 pipe